Don’t Do Dull

What’s an ethos? No, it’s not an island in Greece. 

It’s a spirit. A culture. A community that is manifested by its attitudes and aspirations. It’s how you act behind closed doors when you think no one is watching. It’s something that we, as a people, live by.

Ours is ‘Don’t do dull’. 

It’s simple, to the point, and describes the way we approach life, here at Brighter Events. 

With over 60 years experience delivering meetings and events, we’ve seen dull. TRUST US. We’ve seen the crafty snoozers, early darters, and fake plan makers do anything and everything they can to avoid dull events. 

But let’s be honest about it. They don’t start out as dull events. No one sets out to produce a snore-fest, but it happens, and it’s easier than you think. 

Most of the time it’s inexperience. Doing what you’ve always done, because it’s ‘worked in the past’ is never something you want to hear in the initial stages. The only reason we may want to know what you’ve done in the past, is to avoid repeating it. 

All event management companies do the same thing, right? 

Yeah, probably. But I suppose you could say the same the next time you buy a TV. Sure, they all do the same thing, but maybe the OLED HDR all singing and dancing big named brand version is just ever so slightly a better option than the black and white 14” model from 1988. 

Check our services page. When we say full service, that’s exactly what we mean. It’s not hyperbole, we’re not waxing lyrical to get your attention. You’re this far down the article, you’re in! Hook, line and sinker! Welcome to the boat! 

Experience matters in this game. Our ability to negotiate the best rates with suppliers is built on relationships that span years. It’s not fluke. We may make it look easy, but I can promise you that it’s anything but. 

Wrap it up, I’m busy…

Websites are great, but they only paint part of the picture. Get in touch with us and have a chat. No pressure. No hard sell. We just prefer getting to know you, before we blow your mind. 

Speak soon. 


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